Rebirthing Breathwork professional training - start September 2022, 9 months

Rebirthing is a breathing technique that was developed 1974 by Leonard Orr in the U.S.A. It is one of the methods of self-discovery that has found considerable attention in recent decades.

Our goal is to find our inner Self and center. Rebirthing is a breathing technique in which you make direct contact with your divine life energy. The power and energy of your own breath can heal you on a physical, mental, spiritual and emotional level.

It is a holistic, intuitive form of breathing in which inhalation and exhalation are continuously connected and thus creating a deeper relaxation. Rebirthing is also referred to as “connected breathing” or “conscious connected breathing”. Breathing puts you directly in touch with all your emotions and feelings, especially when they are unprocessed or perhaps pushed away, allowing you to process and eventually release them.

Actually, rebirthing is so much more than just a simple breathing technique. This form of breathwork consists of three pillars: connected breathing (breathing itself), spiritual psychology (including mindset, creative power and trauma release), and spiritual purification with the elements of water, fire, earth, air and spirit (energy).

In this professional training you will learn all about it. The training is brought to you by Heike Strombach (who has over 29 years of experience in Rebirthing Breathwork, working together with its founder Leonard Orr) and Dorien Blaauw.

The training is packed with interesting seminars as well as giving and receiving breathwork sessions yourself. After this training you can decide to become a Rebirthing Breathwork Facilitator by successfully guiding 3 people through 10 sessions and you will receive 6 months of supervision.


Level I: Basic Rebirthing Breathwork and Spiritual Purification Training. Enhances your personal development and growth, to create more abundance, self love and happiness in your life and use the art of Rebirthing.

Level II: Breath mastery. To help you build your professional success, to realize your dreams and goals, and to learn more skills to be a good Rebirther.

Level III: Communication & Leadership
Designed to enhance your communication skills, reflect your life through nonviolent communication and to create support and spiritual community and become a leader in your field.


“This training has been one of the best experiences of my life! During the training we lived together for 3 weeks. We spent our days giving and receiving sessions, listening to lectures and seminars and reflecting on our experiences in our sharing circles. My favorite days were the integration days, when we would sit in silence by the fire. Journaling and reflecting about our process, letting the fire dissolve our old limitations, fears and struggles and fueling ourselves with new beliefs and thought patterns. Yes, we learnt all about the breath and Rebirthing Breathwork in particular, but most of all we learnt about ourselves and our inner world. Becoming a Rebirthing Breathwork Facilitator is all about getting to know yourself first, so you can then start to help others from a deep level of understanding. The lessons in spiritual purification (cleaning the energy field) and spiritual psychology (clearing the mind) have been most helpful in this process. I’m very grateful to have been able to join in in this magical experience! Although we’ve all made our way back home since the training, we’re still very connected as a group. We come together every month sharing our successes and our struggles, always heling each other out if necessary. To me they are like my family. Thank you for Heike, Dorien and of course Leonard Orr for making this experience possible.” - Emma Bauling

“I did the 3-week training and I can honestly say it changed my life. For example: when I arrived, I had no intention to start my own business – and guess what I’m doing at the moment? From the first second we had an amazing connection as a group. Because you start giving each other sessions on day one (that’s not a joke, just dive into it!) there is no time to get nervous and you get to know each other very well in a short time. I loved that everybody felt at ease enough to let this happen. For me personally, I found a treasure in Rebirthing Breathwork. I love that I found it and I love that I am now able to share it! And I am so grateful for the community that we are building together ♥️” - Martine van der Meulen

“Ik vond deze training een hele bijzondere ervaring die ik echt niet had willen missen! Ik heb zoveel geleerd over mezelf, de ademhaling, spirituele psychologie. Het was echt een verdieping op alle kennis die ik al had op het gebied van persoonlijke ontwikkeling. Echt een ervaring voor het leven. Ook als je geen breathwork facilitator wil worden is het een aanrader om de training te volgen. Dorien en Heike, heel erg bedankt voor deze bijzondere journey!” - Deelnemer training mei/juni 2021


To use the breath in your personal life for your own inner healing and joy; to become a professional breathing guide & teacher, and to accompany a woman during pregnancy and childbirth for pregnant women, partners and professionals.

In these trainings we use conscious energy breathing and spiritual purification with earth, fire, air and water – the physical aspects of the universal power – as well as the power of our thoughts to make our lives even more successful. Loving community supports our experience. This is the 3-week training as created by Leonard Orr, expanded with modern techniques and activities.

Heike Strombach has been steadily and reliably pursuing this path of self-experience and spiritual growth with the 4 elements for 30 years. Every training is always new and exciting.

Rebirthing is intuitive, connected and gentle breathing. The feeling of self-love, creativity, healing and inner peace is the result of a breathing session. These trainings are the cornerstone for a well-founded Rebirthing training, which was completed by many successful Rebirthers. It connects us with our intuition, love and our natural divinity. The techniques with the four elements heal and purify our energy body, and help every good Rebirther to increase his/her personal radiance, and is helpful to all spiritual seekers.

This is the 3-week training spread over 8 weekends in 9 months.

8-11 September 2022 (Thursday 10:00 til Sunday 20:00)
21-23 October 2022 (Friday 13:00 til Sunday 20:00)
11-13 November (Friday 13:00 til Sunday 20:00)
9-11 December (Friday 13:00 til Sunday 20:00)
13-15 January 2023 (Friday 13:00 til Sunday 20:00)
17-19 March 2023 (Friday 13:00 til Sunday 20:00)
14-16 April 2023 (Friday 13:00 til Sunday 20:00)
5-7 May 2023 (Friday 13:00 til Sunday 20:00)

Supervision after the 9-month training is included for 6 months.

Many seminars are planned during the course. The personal experience and awareness of the healing effects of earth, fire, air and water, as Leonard Orr has learned from the immortal yogis in India, is an important focus. Seminar topics: on creative thinking, health and physical immortality, money and prosperity, responsible politics, successful self-employment, nonviolent communication and much more are based on the personal needs of the individual participants. Participation in Aarati (singing of mantras) is possible.

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Rebirthing Breathwork professional training - start September 2022, 9 months