Rebirthing Breathwork 3-week training + private room (sept/oct 2022)

Rebirthing is so much more than just a simple breathing technique. This form of breathwork consists of three pillars: connected breathing (breathing itself), spiritual psychology (including mindset, creative power and trauma release), and spiritual purification with the elements of water, fire, earth, air and spirit (energy).

Seminar topics: the creative power of thought, health and physical immortality, money and prosperity, inner child healing, traumahealing, responsible politics, successful self-employment, nonviolent communication and much more are based on the personal needs of the individual participants.

In this 3-week professional training you will learn all about it. The training is brought to you by Heike Strombach (who has over 29 years of experience in Rebirthing Breathwork, working together with its founder Leonard Orr) and Dorien Blaauw.

The training is packed with interesting seminars as well as giving and receiving breathwork sessions yourself. After this training you can decide to become a Rebirthing Breathwork Facilitator by successfully guiding 3 people through 10 sessions and you will receive 6 months of supervision.

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Rebirthing Breathwork 3-week training + private room (sept/oct 2022)

deelnemer training mei/juni 2021

"Ik vond deze training een hele bijzondere ervaring die ik echt niet had willen missen! Ik heb zoveel geleerd over mezelf, de ademhaling, spirituele psychologie. Het was echt een verdieping op alle kennis die ik al had op het gebied van persoonlijke ontwikkeling. Echt een ervaring voor het leven. Ook als je geen breathwork facilitator wil worden is het een aanrader om de training te volgen. Dorien en Heike, heel erg bedankt voor deze bijzondere journey!"


"I did the 3-week training and I can honestly say it changed my life. For example: when I arrived, I had no intention to start my own business - and guess what I'm doing at the moment? From the first second we had an amazing connection as a group. Because you start giving each other sessions on day one (that's not a joke, just dive into it!) there is no time to get nervous and you get to know each other very well in a short time. I loved that everybody felt at ease enough to let this happen.For me personally, I found a treasure in Rebirthing Breathwork. I love that I found it and I love that I am now able to share it! And I am so grateful for the community that we are building together ♥️"